Once upon a time, the creators and designers of www.theKONGLIST.com sat down & met in 2004.
There were conflicting ideas & mixed concepts on whether to use the latest
advances in technology or to keep the website simple.

After several days of brainstorming & deliberating, they soon discovered that they all shared
the same childhood passion for comic books & superheroes. Evidently, the design team
decided to create a website that resembled a comic book and/or comic strip.

Hence, their company logo was created w/ a Mom's Typewriter font and their E-Marketing
campaigns were modeled after the comics which included funny comments, humorous
phrases & witty remarks that comic readers would find in the Sunday funnies.

"I don't want to pay a membership or annual/monthly fees" & "I hate to have to sign-in &
enter my password," were two of the most common complaints from clients.

The overall concept & lay-out of the website was designed on Microsoft FrontPage as opposed to
Adobe Dreamweaver because FrontPage was easier & quicker to load. Although many
advanced & professional designers would moc & scoff at the simplicity of
FrontPage, their team of designers had three common goals:
"Cost-free, ease-of-use & fun!"

Many years later, the website has grown exponentially –amassing an extensive photo gallery w/ an
unlimited collection of photos, countless archives of their "infamous" E-blast flyers, etc.

"We –at the www.theKONGLIST.com, are hoping to keep this service free but our hosting bills are
getting bigger & bigger each month. We would truly appreciate if you could help us w/ our
expenses so we can keep our website up n' running & free-of-charge.

Your generous donations –no matter how small or large your contribution, will help support

development, maintenance, security & storage space of our servers.  We would like to

thank you in advance for all your donations. We are very grateful for your support." — Kong C.E.O.



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